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Big Idea: Attitude

Big Idea: Attitude

January 7, 2018 | By

Big Ideas 2018

The beginning of the new year provides an opportunity to take stock and make decisions to change behaviors and/or pursue new goals. For most of us, these resolutions will quickly be lost in the shuffle of our lives or become unattainable due to a variety of factors. One of the factors related to our ability to be successful in achieving our personal, group and institutional goals and resolutions is a Big Idea – ATTITUDE. Simply put, our attitude is the way we think or feel about things and the impact this has on our behavior. Quotes from public figures lauding the importance of attitude as being a critical variable for being successful are plentiful. There is also a growing amount of research demonstrating that our attitudes impact our performance, relationships, health, and success. To kick off our 2018 weekly Challenges, we are going to start with the Big Idea of Attitude.

Big Idea: Attitude
Essential Question: How can we use our attitudes to improve our lives and those around us?
Challenge: Get our attitudes “right” and make a positive difference in 2018!

Guiding Questions

  1. What is an attitude?
  2. Why are attitudes important?
  3. How does my attitude impact the people around me?
  4. How do I define good and bad attitudes?
  5. How can I improve my attitude?
  6. Can a group or organization have an attitude?
  7. How can individual attitudes impact a group?
  8. What do positive and negative attitudes look like?
  9. What is a right attitude? For me? For groups?
  10. How does context determine attitudes?
  11. How does context determine the interpretation of attitude?
  12. Etc . . .

Guiding Activities and Resources

  1. Individually define attitude and provide examples of “good” and “bad” attitudes. Think about why they are described that way and by whom.
  2. Create a mind map or word cloud related to attitude, define each of the words
  3. Research quotes on attitude
    1. Find one that you like and explain why
    2. Create a biography of the person to learn why they have that attitude
  4. Keep a diary to document attitudes and their causes.
  5. Explore the concept of attitude in different fields (science, art, business, sports). How are they similar and different?
  6. Explore the concept of attitude across genders, culture, and nationality.
  7. Explore some ted talks about attitude
    1. The 3 A’s of awesome
    2. The Happy Secret to Better Work
    3. The Surprising Science of Happiness
    4. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator
  8. Interview people in your community or organization to see how they define attitude.

Research synthesis: What did we learn by answering our guiding questions?

Solution: From our Investigation, we will find unique ways to address the challenge. Make sure to share yours using #CBLWorld.

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