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Challenge: Share Knowledge

Big Idea: Sharing. Challenge: Share Knowledge across boundaries

June 25, 2017 | By

So many conferences, workshops, x – educator meetings*, books, podcasts, webcasts, etc.  So little time, access, and money. What if we could learn a little from everyone who attends national and local conferences? What if knowledge extended across these boundaries?

Big Idea: Sharing

Essential Question: How do we break down the barriers between workshops, conferences, personal learning so we can all benefit from each other?

Challenge: Share knowledge across boundaries.

Sample Guiding Questions:

  1. Who can benefit from what I am learning or presenting?
  2. How can I connect people?
  3. How can I share content to benefit the most people?

Sample Guiding Activities:

As you attend conferences, workshops, read and listen –  think about ways to share with the largest possible audience through a blog, a podcast, and social media. By breaking down the conference, workshop, and x – educator* event boundaries we will all benefit.

Tell everyone about your solutions and what you are learning! #edshare17.

*x = ISTE, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.

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