Research: 2008 CBL Pilot Report - Challenge Based Learning

Research: 2008 CBL Pilot Report

CBL Pilot Study team

June 25, 2016 | By

2008 Pilot projectIn the fall of 2008, Apple Inc. worked with the New Media Consortium to conduct a pilot study with six schools from across the country with one-to-one laptop initiatives in place. Both teachers and students found challenge based learning effective and engaging. Fully 97 percent of the 321 students involved found the experience worthwhile. More so, when the data are disaggregated by teacher, 73 percent of the faculty were able to engage every single student in their classes; the data for those classes shows student satisfaction rates of a remarkable 10 percent.

Teachers unequivocally also rated the experience as positive, with every one of the 29 pilot faculty reporting that work of the students exceeded their expectations. All but one faculty member reported that the kids embraced the topic eagerly and worked well together and almost three-quarters noted positive changes in student attitude and behaviors.

Students self-reported that they were learning and refining skills that closely matched those identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

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