Big Idea: Climate Change - Challenge Based Learning

Big Idea: Climate Change


June 25, 2016 | By

Climate Change is an excellent Big Idea as it has global impact, is by nature interdisciplinary, includes multiple perspectives,  and leads to a variety of different contextual challenges. Through the Challenges the students can learn deeply about all of the factors involved with global climate change and determine local solutions.

Climate Change Challenge: Australia

Educators from across Australia developed a course to support Learners interested in the Big Idea of Climate Change. Working with Time Jarvis, the leader of the 25Zero campaign, the course presents the challenge: Reduce your carbon footprint.

Go to the iTunes U Course

Polar Bears International

Everything on earth is interconnected. Polar bears represent an important piece of our interconnected environment. Polar Bears International (PBI) is dedicated to assuring the survival of the polar bear. Pollution and climate change threaten this magnificent species, but there is still hope. PBI challenges you to reduce your school, household or community carbon footprint.

PBI Challenge

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